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the future of wireless management ... today!
wireless ad-hoc mesh networks
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Disclaimer: MeshLink and all ascociated webpages are templates, to be used for presentation purposes only. They do not represent a functioning entity, but ideas for the development of such.
MeshLink Network Solutions, LLC introduces the future of wireless managment and real time locating systems (RTLS). Our technology is unique and independent of any external power source, cell or satellite signal. The ad-hoc, self-organizing, self-healing, two-way mesh network "tags" provide wide ranging benefits to virtually any operation. Applications include accurate locating & tracking, sensor reading, text/voice messaging, and more. ... see QuickLink
The configuration of the wireless network is custom designed around a Clients unique operation. Fixed "pegs" interfaced with a floor plan or area map, provide a wireless local area network (WLAN) that is used to locate and monitor assets and personel, communicate with other tags in the area, and manage a BAS or security network.
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MeshLink has several divisions that have been set up to dedicate time and resources to specific applications. If you have an operation that is not covered below, please contact us.
Golf Courses
Remote Sites
Police Prisons
School Systems
Security Network
Sensor BAS
Sub-Meter (Electric)
Transit Systems
Once an area has been set up with MeshLink tags, the zone becomes a wireless local area network (WLAN)(See the WLAN Custom Design form). The fixed tags, called pegs, are married up with an aerial map of the property, providing accurate locating & tracking of fixed or mobile tags within the area. The tags have a vast flexibility range that include, but are not limited to, the following;
PDA Devices
WLAN Functions
Asset locating & tracking
Staff locating & tracking
Works indoors/outdoors
Sensor monitoring
Motor activation
Security features
Maintenance mgmt
Camera activation
Photo display
WLAN Functions
Text & voice messaging
Motion detection
Personel identification
Alarm activation
Report generation
Database manipulation
BAS monitoring
Our ad-hoc mesh technology tranfers data from sender to receiver and is not dependent on a hub. There is no fear of lost signal due to hub failure, bad weather, tall buildings, etc. The technology also works indoors.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how our WLAN mesh technology can benefit your operation.

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